Send messages


You can easily communicate with your team and supplier(s) using the 'Communication' tab to write messages.

You can write/send messages on Styles, Items, and Orders.

To send messages:

1) Click the 'New message' button

2) Write your message, give it a subject, and choose if it should be internal or not. 

You can also notify your colleagues or suppliers about this message. 

You can insert images in the text field. In this way, the images will be visible in the wanted place in your message.

If necessary, attach files to your message using the 'Attach file' button (all sent files will also be saved in the Communication folder.

If you prefer you can drag and drop multiple files in as attachments.

3) When you're done, click OK to send the message.

Those you notified about the message will now get an email that there are new messages in Delogue PLM.


Once you start writing your message you will notice that the message icon becomes red - this means that it is autosaved as a draft.

It stays a draft until you send it or cancel it.

This means that you easily can start on a new message and then check up on some things and return to your draft.