Create styles

Style Name & Number Generator Used on Styles


When your Style Name and Number generator are activated and set up in Admin - it will be used every time you create new Styles.

When you click on the "Add style" button you will now get a pop-up with the selection options for the Style Name  & Number generator.

It is important to notice that you will always - no matter what setting there is for the Style Name & Number generator - have to select a Brand and a Season.

In the pop-up, you will need to fill out all fields.

You can choose to add some extra text in the "Extra text" field - if needed (this is not mandatory)

In the following illustration, both Style name and number are created by the Generator

Once done - you click on the "Create Style" button and you can fill out needed info in the Style Header.

Once you are satisfied you click on Save and your Style has been created.


In case you need to update a Style Name or Style Number that was created via the Generator - you need to go through these steps

  1. Set the Style header in Edit mode (click on the tiny pen icon)
  2. Click on the update icon next to the Style Name or Style number
  1. This will open the Generator pop-up and you can edit whatever you need
  2. Click the "Update" button
  3. And remember to save the Style Header

The above steps can also be used if you have old Styles that were created before you started using the Style Name/number generator - by going through the steps - you can get old Styles to conform to your naming standard.