Email Notifications

No emails from Delogue PLM

You know you have been invited to Delogue PLM - but you have not received any e-mails

Please make sure you have activated your Delogue PLM account.

Make sure it is the correct email address that has been used in Delogue PLM. Please check with your Company Admin.

If you are a Supplier ask your Customer/The brand if they are using the correct email address.

If that was not the problem - please check your Spam folder. E-mails might end up there.

If none of these options has helped please contact us at 


First of all - you should tell your Supplier to check their Spam folder - if the emails from Delogue PLM are in there - they should make sure to mark them as NOT spam.

Users of NetEase Enterprise Email can contact Netease on with the original mail - ask them to whitelist the email.

If that didn't do the trick - please check if the email address to your Supplier is correct and that the Supplier you are notifying is actually marked as Active.

If they still don't get the notifications - then please make sure that your Supplier's email provider has whitelisted the domain and make sure that they have the email address on their white list too. 

You will have to inform your Supplier about this. So your Supplier can contact their email provider.

We do know that some - especially Chinese email providers - mark emails from as spam without any reason. Sometimes they claim the emails contain illegal content.