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Link measurements (PRO)



So that you can edit the measurements in the mother chart and all Style measurements that are linked to it will get updated too.


When you are on a Measurement Chart of a Style you will notice that there is a "Link" button.

When "Link" is clicked a search pop-up will appear.

Here you can search for the Style you want to link to - you can search on the Style number or the Style name.

Click on the Search button to see the Styles that fit your search criteria.

From this list, you can select the Style that you want to link to.

Now click on the Link button on the pop-up.

You will see a warning pop-up that informs you what will happen when you link your Measurement chart.

Make sure to read everything.

Once you have linked your style's measurement to another style - it will no longer be possible for you to edit in your measurement chart.

If you have to change something you will have to go to the Mother style. That is the link you see in the overlay of your Measurement chart.

But remember that if you change something in the mother style it will change for all other styles that are linked to this Style.

You link both the Measurement chart and any Measurement comments and How to measure files - if they are there.

Your screen will now look like this


In case you want to Unlink your measurement chart you can easily do this.

Make sure you are on the style you no longer want to be linked up against the mother style.

Now click on the "Unlink" button.

This will right away unlink your style measurement chart from the mother style and you can once again edit or update the measurement chart, measurement comments, or how to measure files on your Style Measurement chart.


When you are at the Mother style it might come in handy for you to check which styles are children of this specific style.

On the Mother style, there will be a button named "Linked Styles"

When the user clicks on this - a list of all the children of this style will be listed.

Each style name and style number on this list is a link - that can be clicked and redirect the user to the specific style.